The turn of the screw

"Glenn Seven Allen was a mesmerizing Quint, singing with agility and a sweetness that grew appropriately cloying or menacing." 

-- Steve Smith, New York Times

La fille du regiment

"Glenn Seven Allen blew us back with his Tonio. Everyone waits for the legendary sequence of nine high C's in the aria "Pour mon âme" near the end of act one. Allen landed them. But even more impressive was his control and persuasiveness in the act II aria "Pour me rapprocher de Marie," where he used the bright key of A major to shape the enunciation of the text. The color of the words came across with shining clarity. Allen's French is so well articulated that it can be understood without subtitles." 

--The Hartford Courant

"Glenn Seven Allen looked like an Edwardian Matinee Idol, easily giving the most detailed dramatic performance."

-- Opera News (The Chocolate Soldier)


The Golden Bride


04/03, 04/05

Barnum's Bird

Gloria Musicae


The Golden Bride


2017 04 05

La Campana Sommersa

New York City Opera



Carnegie Hall

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